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La Tea Da Designs is a Fiber Art Company that I created early in 2008 originally for the purpose of selling wearable fiber art on Etsy, a place on the internet for hand crafters to sell handmade items.  My friend, Collette, had seen some of my creations and told me about Etsy and encouraged me to create a shop since she had been quite successful with hers.  She even helped me get it up and being a bit computer challenged often go through what I call "Brain Freeze" when I'm am learning new things on a head feels like it's being squeezed in a vice!  So Collette was there to get my head out of the vice and thaw out my brain...she was a real encouragement through this whole Etsy shop creation ordeal.


We had a llama ranch at the time with tons of beautiful fiber coming from our yearly shearing of each llama.  We had top quality show llamas that we bred and raised not only for their beautiful fiber but also for their unique personalities. (We now have an Alpaca Ranch) I hired a friend of mine, Paige, that is the owner and editor of Llama Life II Magazine to create a banner, an avatar and a business card for my Etsy shop.  She is quite an artist and draws wonderful cartoon llama characters.  I wanted something that would show a llama and also show my love for hot tea, spinning, knitting and yarn.  She created an adorable llama with a cup of "yarn tea" knitting needles, a drop spindle and a spinning wheel that made a perfect business card, banner and avatar.

Shortly after I got my Etsy shop up and running I created 2 blogs, also at the encouragement of my friend, Collette.  She help me get started with both of them.  One was for blogging about our Golden Browne Llama Ranch and one was for blogging about La Tea Da Designs fiber art...I posted a few times on each of them and then let them drift to the very back of my mind for a couple of years or so.

Meanwhile I expanded my wearable fiber art part of my fiber art business to hand-spun yarn, hand dyed yarn and all kinds of fiber art supplies for others that love to spin, wet felt and needle felt.  
My fiber art items can be purchased from  My La Tea Da Designs Etsy shop

I hand make drop spindles and put them into spinning kits with natural and hand dyed roving for people that would like to learn how to spin along with easy How To Spin instructions.

This is a hand bag and cell phone case that I hand wove using some of my hand-spun llama yarn, hand-spun hand dyed sheep wool yarn and hand tied hand dyed kid mohair curls for added texture.  I created a loom for each of them from cardboard so they could be woven with seamless sides.  I was wearing this cell phone case one day when I was at my dental hygienists for my cleaning and she wanted me to design and make her a handbag out of the same fibers I used in this cellphone case so this was my first special order for this style handbag.  I have made a number of special orders since then from various hand-spun yarns.  I also have a few handbags listed that can be purchased from  My La Tea Da Designs Etsy shop

 This is one of many fiber art batts that I have created.  I create some with all natural undyed fibers from llama, alpaca, cashmere, yak, camel, various sheep wool, silk, etc.  Others I create from roving I have hand dyed and blended on my drum carders.  Sometimes I add recycled denim or recycled Sari silk in them which creates a very unique look with quite interesting texture.
Fiber Art Batts are also available in My La Tea Da Designs Etsy shop

I love to hand dye Sheep Wool Locks for my Doll Hair and Doll Wig Customers that I sell to all over the world. These are just a few of the colors that I offer.  I am always adding new ones too.

 These are a few of the hand dyed yarns I have offered in My La Tea Da Designs Etsy shop
I also carry a large variety of hand-spun yarn that I hand spin myself.  These various categories of items are just a few of the creations I offer in my shop.  Come visit often because I am always adding new things and I make lots of special orders.  So if you are looking for something unique to you, contact me and I'll be happy to work with you to create something you'll love at an affordable price.

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