Sunday, August 12, 2012

Amazing Akashic Record Reading

 My Client Meets Her Spirit Guide

I had a client the other day that has a particular challenge that she is going through regarding her health that wanted an Akashic Record Reading to get some answers.  Some very unique things came up in the reading that I think are going to have a powerful impact on the process of her complete healing.  Without going into those details at this time I want to share another portion of the reading that she has given me permission to share.

After the initial part of opening the records and getting some amazing information, we had a little more time, so I asked the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in charge of my client's Akashic Records if there was any other information they could give her at this time that would help her with the current issue she was wanting information about, or if there was another past life or entity that could give her information or help her with this particular issue she was wanting help with, and if so to please bring it to us.

This time, instead of imagining a pillar of light forming about 18" in front of her she asked if she could have a giant Sequoia tree be there instead, and I said, "Of course".

As we imagined this giant Sequoia tree in front of her, and a tube of light connecting from her heart into the heart of this tree, all of a sudden a beautiful eagle with a huge wing span descended and landed in the top of this tree.  My client asked me what color it was and I said it is mostly different shades of brown and some black on it and a little bit of white and I knew it wasn't a bald eagle.  She asked if it was her eagle...and I said, " is your eagle.  He wants you to know that he is your spirit guide."

I looked over at my client and her eyes were all teary.  I asked her what was happening and she told me about a baby eagle that she had watched being born and growing up a little and then get electrocuted and killed.  An eagle family and this baby eagle had been filmed and was being shown on a program on TV.  My client had become very connected with this baby eagle particularly, and to this story.  She felt so devastated when this baby eagle got electrocuted by some power lines and was grieving the loss of this baby eagle.

The eagle that landed in this Sequoia tree had the same coloration and looked like a more grown up version of this baby.  Her spirit guide eagle told her many encouraging and comforting things and reassured her that he would always be there in an instant whenever she called for him.  He told her that she was on the right path and doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing and is fulfilling her purposes in this life and learning the lessons she is supposed to be learning. 
Her spirit guide eagle had chosen to incarnate in this life on planet Earth for a very short time to bring her and others several messages, one message being that people need to check with their power company to see what they have done to make their power lines 'raptor safe' so this kind of accident can be avoided in the future.

Her spirit guide eagle also said that when he chose to incarnate into this lifetime he also chose to pass on to the "Other Side" by being electrocuted because it empowered him with what he needed to have, to be able to be her particular spirit guide.  What was a very sad ending for the life of the baby eagle on this Earth, for my client, has been transformed into a beautiful beginning of a new relationship with her very own eagle spirit guide that she can count on.

Akashic Record Readings are really amazing tools for getting all kinds of answers to various questions and guidance for particular issues that come up on our journey through this lifetime.  To find out more about what an Akashic Record Reading can do for you, click this link or click on the tab at the top of my blog labeled Akashic Readings 

If you want a breakthrough in a particular area of your life or answers to questions you haven't gotten answers to yet contact me, the results are amazing!

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