Monday, October 22, 2012

Pomegranates Grow Well in the High Desert

How to Make
Raw Pomegranate Juice

We have more pomegranates this year than ever on our pomegranate tree.

I love pomegranates and have been eyeballing this basket filled with pomegranates I picked off of our tree last year.   They have tasty dried seeds in them, however are quite difficult to dig out so they may end up being recycled in our compost pile.

It is now time to harvest our this year's crop of pomegranates.

I just happened to get an email this morning from Ronnie and Minh, who are amazing Raw Foodists.  Ronnie just created a YouTube video on how easy it is to make your own pomegranate juice.

He selects a pomegranate that is already cracked and picks it before the birds get to it.

First he cuts it in half and places it face down in a pan of water.  Then he breaks apart the halves under the water in the pan and the seeds fall out easily into the pan. He throws out the white casing that was around the seeds and the outside shell.

Then, he sets a small strainer on top of a glass and uses a wood cooking utensil to squish the juice easily into the glass leaving the seeds in the strainer.

I am so happy to find out how easy it is to get the seeds out of pomegranates now and make my own yummy pomegranate juice.

Watch Ronnie's video on how to make Raw Pomegranate Juice

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