Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My New Blog - Marti's Muses & Marvels

 It's All Because of Della Solara - My All Time Friend and Confidant!

And so Della...I finally took heed to your nudge and have started this blog.  It has taken me awhile.  I started two other blogs a couple of years ago: One for our Golden Browne Llamas Ranch which I have a few posts on from when we had llamas.  Now we have alpacas.  One for my fiber art business La Tea Da Designs Blog

I plan to continue to post on my fiber art La Tea Da Designs Blog and have also added a La Tea Da Designs page to this blog that describes a little about what I create.

I get really inspired reading other people's blogs so my intention is for others to get inspired reading this blog.  I think one of our greatest purposes in life is to heal ourselves and bring healing to others and most of all find inner peace. Writing and journaling are part of my spiritual journey and blogging is a great way for me to express part of my journey.

There is so much going on in my life these days, I almost don't quite know where to begin with this blog.

I'm in a season of "planting"...been tilling the soil and preparing it for a long time with taking all kinds of seminars and continuing education in 2011. I'm really into organic gardening too...seems to go right along with the other parts of my life.  I planted over 150 pots with seeds to grow seedlings to later transplant into our raised garden beds after the last frost...unless we are able to get our gardens covered with frost cloth contraptions...that's another project on the "Honey Do" list. Meanwhile here are a few seeds that have recently sprouted!

We also recently started a new High Desert Manifesting Your Dreams Meetup that meets in our home on the second and fourth Tuesday nights of each month.  This group is for a limited number of very committed people that are interested in spiritual growth and want to discover the desires of their hearts so they can manifest their dreams and make a significant difference in this world during these challenging times.  We are being prepared for "The Shift" that is happening in our universe.  There is definitely a great awakening happening spiritually and things seem to be speeding up.

We plan to do some really awesome workshops and seminars later on this year as well....we (my husband John and I) have decided to expand our Holistic Healing and Energy Healing business at Browne Hypnosis Center and Akashic Record Readings.

Plus I'm paring down some things in my Etsy shop to make way for new creations in my La Tea Da Designs Fiber Art Business. I think is is good to keep things moving so they don't get stagnant in all aspects of my life.  Over the years I've found that my journey in life parallels spiritually, physically and emotionally and there are lots of "messages" and "learnings" along the way.  If I don't get the "message" or the "learning" one way there's always another and it is usually more in my face as time goes on!

Meanwhile, there is lots to do  in maintaining our Healing Ranch - with all the animals - alpacas, horses, chickens, kitties and golden retriever, gardening and seemingly never ending remodeling etc.

Coming Attractions:

I spent pretty much the whole day today building another straw bale raised bed garden for these wonderful seedlings to be transplanted in.  I love being able to plant and pick my own organic vegetables without having to stoop and bend over.  Besides, I can get so much more production out of a smaller space with the deep layer of enriched soil that I use to fill the straw bale garden beds.  I'll post photos and a How to Build  a Straw Bale Raised Garden Bed later this week.

And now, I plan to do some more work on a Faroe shawl I've been knitting for several weeks...I'll post photos of it as well when it is complete.  I posted this photo on my Facebook page when I first started it.  It is almost finished.  It takes 5 rows to make one inch and it takes me a little over 1/2 hour to knit each row because I'm using fingering weight yarn and very small circular needles.  I have a lot of hours tied up in making this shawl and it has been a joy and very relaxing to work on.  I knit most of it riding in the car when we are traveling or running errands...remember the movie "Driving Miss Daisy"?...well John and I joke about him "Driving Ms. Marti"! :)  I work on lots of creative projects - knit or crocheted in the car and sometimes a few needle felted creations! (I use a thick foam cushion on my lap so I don't stick myself with one of those barbed needles!)


  1. Ok Marti, I want to see picture of your garden for sure! Good start on the blogging. Sigh... I will have to get busy too.

    1. I'll get the photos and How To posted by the end of this week...still busy working on some more raised beds so we can get the dirt in them fully composted before planting...Last year we made the mistake of amending all of our raised beds with alpaca poop which is usually no problem...however, we had switched from feeding them Orchard Grass Hay to Bermuda and now in all of those gardens we have our own crop of Bermuda!!! Thought it was Crab Grass at first and couldn't figure out how all that Crab grass got in there...then my friend Collette had the same problem and her genius friend Sherry asked her what she was feeding her alpaca...Bermuda...of course! Meanwhile we are in the process of re doing all of those now "Hay fields"...hopefully to have them complete in time to plant fall gardens!