Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clay Pot Tower Gardens

Tower Herb Garden
I've been wanting to make some Clay Pot Tower Gardens for some of my herbs for quite awhile and finally got around to building a few.

My friend Sun, gave me some clay pots when she was moving so I wanted to use them in a creative way.  I used some in one of my tower gardens and one for the base of a pot I planted some strawberries in from a strawberry bed I'm dismantling.

Strawberry Planter

I'm in the process of redoing my herb garden and will be taking the tables out, leveling the ground and putting mulch down.  Then I will put all the planters back in and install a drip system.  We had a mister system in there and it wasn't that great of an idea so now...Plan "B"... a drip system.

I built a couple of Clay Pot Tower Gardens for some of my herbs for the entrance of my herb garden the other day.  Here in the High Desert we get a little done here and a little done there between juggling schedules, taking care of all of  our ranch animals,high winds and whatever else gets us distracted!  So once I get this herb garden creation finished, perhaps I'll post another photo.

Clay Pot Tower Herb Gardens

I have  a couple of hundred seedlings going that will be ready to plant in our Straw Bale Raised Bed Gardens after the last frost which could be really soon!  We really enjoy gardening and it's a good thing, because it is a work in progress on our ranch!

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  1. They look great! How do you make them stay that way?

    1. I pound a piece of 5' or 6' re-bar into the ground about 2' so the high winds up here won't blow it over. The first pot has the re-bar coming straight up the middle and I fill it with soil before setting the second pot. Then I set the rest of the pots after I have put the soil in and planted each one by running the re-bar through the bottom drain hole and slanting the pot which ever direction I want it to go. I add a few rocks and drift wood to give them a bit more character plus hold the soil in when watering. For the two clay pot towers in my herb garden I used the following sized pots: Bottom: 12" Next two 10" and top clay pot is an 8". On those two I used 5're-bar that is 1/2" re-bar. I used a 6' re-bar that is 1/2" for the other clay pot tower. I think they are great for herbs as well as flowers.

  2. Marti, I love these! I have one of the clay strawberry pots, and my cat likes to sit in it. So I almost hate to grow strawberries where a cat has been sitting. LOL!

    1. That sounds like a tough choice...unless you create another really great place for the kitty to sit!